The grip is the single thing that links you between two of the major components of the golf swing, “you and the club”,  get this wrong and you’ll always be playing catch up. Especially, as you can check your grip time and time and again before you even swing the club.

There three basic grip patterns:

Basic Golf Grips

Baseball grip                  Interlocking Grip              Overlapping Grip

  • The Baseball grip which is ideal for people with small hands. Generally this grip is used by junior players when they start playing golf but it can also be very beneficial for some adult golfers.
  • The Interlocking grip is better suited to players with small to medium sized hands. It is ideal for ladies and for men with short fingers.
  • The Overlapping grip or the Vardon grip is regarded as the best grip, but it is only suited to players with large hands or long fingers.

It is imperative to decide which grip suits you best before continuing on. Your golf coach will help you with this decision and it is important to take their advice. Whatever grip is most suited to you; there is a strong chance that it will feel uncomfortable at first. It is important to stick with it and to ignore the discomfort as you initially begin to practice with it.

Adrian Whitehead, PGA Professional.





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