Introduction:  There have been thousands and thousands of words written on the subject of the golf swing. There have also been countless pictures and videos taken from every perceivable angle and uploaded to the internet for the golf enthusiast to access.

Outside of cyberspace, golf coaches all over the world are telling players the best way to lift their club back and hit the ball. And do you know what, all of that information has some relevance at some point, but almost 50% of it, you could just forget. The reason for this is that most of the information is used to lengthen an article and over complicates the basic elements of the swing.

Of the ‘good’ information that’s available, much of it may not be relevant to the individual player. The truth is, you can only improve your golf game and swing if you understand where your swing is in the development cycle. Of course players can learn from the example of other more established golfers but it is much more important to be able to visualise your own swings movement, in order to improve upon it.

The iThoughts golf programme facilitates the player with an understanding of what needs to be improved, why it needs to be changed, and what relevance these elements have in relation to the rest of your swing. This can be hugely beneficial to a player who has picked up bad habits or has not been thoroughly informed about the correct way to swing.

Essential as the swing is to the game of golf, the grip is really the stepping stone to any player’s success. Club head control is a crucial factor in the development of your swing and something that you cannot afford to overlook. In order to begin the process of examining all factors involved in the golf swing allowing us to strip away right to the core we first need to look at the grip. The grip is a fundamental aspect of the relationship between the player and the club.

Learning the correct grip is vital in the process of learning how to hit consistent shots. During the first of our lessons I will teach you not only the correct grip, but also how to work with the club head and how it all works with the rest of the swing. I will also provide you with information on what are the correct clubs for you, when buying. Shaft thickness club weight, length of club, flex all have a relevance towards a players swing.  Exercise is also a key factor now days and how we prepare our bodies before we play or practice is essential to good play and lasting interest.


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