The iThoughts Golf Programme.

The iThoughts programme has been put together for golfers who love golf, and love to learn from the comfort of their arm-chairs. Here at  iThoughts we try and encourage those golfers to get out there, and give it a go and creating the cure, to prevent a disaster.

As most golfers are more likely to have a lesson when they have problems. The fact is though, that most golf swing problems, could easily be averted, by ensuring, that one or two keys points are worked on from the beginning, and adhered to.

As well as providing you with many  many golf videos, we would also like to invite, all golfers, to send us there swing videos, which you can do by emailing us here at iThoughtsgolf  or can find us on both our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Many Thanks

Adrian Whitehead,

PGA Professional,

iThoughts Golf